Free Software Page – September 27th, 2017 updates

Here I have added downloads for all of my free Windows software.
Two programs have been added recently.

updated v1.51 Constant Info Constant Info Pro

v1.41 Constant WORD Constant WORD

1.32 Password Helper Password Helper

updated 1.15 Simple Reminders Simple Reminders

new 1.31 Multi-Launcher program Multi-Launcher

updated 2.70 Ready Bible Study biblereferences

Get Exercise getexercise

updated 1.44 Memory Hogs memoryhogs

Stickies Diary Assistant stickiesdiary

updated 1.29 Click Eye Reminder Click Eye Reminder

These two utilities were written at home then later used at work. Documentation is included in the zip files. If you are interested in the AutoIT source code, please contact me.

Hung Process Monitoring and Logging process-monitor

Windows / User Activity Logging windows-logger

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