Mikey’s Mega Software Download


All of the scripts (programs) on this Blog are now downloadable via one file, Mikey’s Mega Software Download. This can be especially useful if you antivirus software has any issues with my applications in their separately compiled versions.

Due to sometimes unhappy antivirus programs, I have decided to upload all of the source code for my scripts. Only one executable file will be part of the download. It is called AutoHotkey.exe and doesn’t trip up any antivirus programs that I am aware of.

The new download is a folder containing scripts in sub-folders. When the main script is run, it will display all of the scripts available for you to use. The AHK Script Center allows users to run any or all scripts, stop scripts, set any scripts to startup automatically and users can also edit scripts if they desire to (using the Notepad2 editor).

For those interesting in testing the new download, I have created a small test version here:
AHK Script Center (less than 2mb) Version 1.08

The full download with installer is here:

The Full download is around 25 megabytes. The Bible Study tools and Get Exercise are the two largest applications in the set. Using the full installer creates a Mikeys Mega Script Pack shortcut on your Desktop folder.

Some screen shots of AHK Script Center are here:
Double clicking on the “Password Generator” script starts it.
You can stop a running script by double-clicking it in the running script list.

You may select any or all scripts then start them at once. Any checked scripts will also be started automatically whenever AHK Script Center starts up.

Here are four running scripts that were started by clicking “START Checked Scripts.”

Any checked scripts are added to the Settings file under the Startup section so the program knows to run them for you.

The program may be set to AutoStart with Windows and if desired, all running scripts will be stopped whenever you quit AHK Script Center.

You may also stop all running scripts by clicking on “STOP Running Scripts” at any time. Doing them all simply closes them by their Process ID (PID), which is less graceful than double-clicking one at a time from the Running Scripts list.

Users by Edit any script to their liking and Explore its folder. When new scripts are created, just put them alongside AHK Script Center or create a new sub-folder. The program will find the new script(s) IF the first line of each one contains a comment with the text [include] as part of it. This tells AHK Script Center which scripts to include, the others (and there may be a lot of them) are simply ignored. Line one of each script will also contain a | followed by the version number of the script. This allows Script Center to compare local version numbers against those on this blog.

Clicking Edit on the “Data File Search and Copy” script entry will pull it into the NotePad2 editor. That editor is small and it recognizes the AutoHotkey script language with color-coded syntax. BE CAREFUL with your changes. You can always download Mikey’s Mega zip file again if you change something you didn’t mean to. Clicking on Check Online Version will see if there is an update for the chosen script. If there is a newer version online then you are asked if you want to update it.

Pressing ESCape will Hide AHK Script Center. Users can press Scroll Lock twice or the back tick character twice to redisplay the window. The window size, position and color is changeable and is saved each time. Clicking on the Tray icon will also Hide or Show the main window.