Something Different

Lately, instead of programming, I have been learning how to store and present information in a web app called TiddlyWiki. It was created in 2004 and has gone through numerous updates to get to version 5.1.23 today.

I have also found uses for it at work, like displaying a dashboard of my assigned work.

I have created a wiki of important Bible Topics and am adding to it each week. There are two links that will display the file. Click either one to display Bible Topics which works equally well on Mobile phones, Tablets and Computers.

* NEW * Version 2 of Bible Topics is now available with an easier user interface for PCs and Mobile devices. (Jan 7th, 2023)

From Michaels Tech Notes Larger version with the New Testament
From TiddlyHost Same version from a secondary host
Executable version Just run it like a program on Windows PCs.

Here are some screenshots from Version 2:


Here are some screenshots from Version 1:


Prophecy pages

You can also click on any tag at the top and go to related pages

The Bible browser lets you pick any New Testament chapter or do searches.

Searching on “come again” shows verses with one or both words and verses with the exact phrase in context. Click the big X to remove previous search items.

Clicking a verse displays it alone.Clicking on the Topics Map will show every available page or item that you can select.


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